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TMJ & Facial Pain

If you suffer from TMJ pain, we know how debilitating it can be. We listen to you and collaborate with physicians to find the personalized treatment that’s right for you. After years of perfecting our approach, this integration of dentistry and medicine is crucial to giving you the relief you’re seeking.

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Sleep Disorders

Man Snoring

For years we’ve been at the forefront in this field, helping our patients seek relief from their sleep apnea and other sleeping disorders. With our solutions we can literally add years to your life and most importantly improve the quality by addressing your symptoms early and aggressively.

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Dental Restoration

We offer a full range of services with particular focus on aesthetic and functional restorations. We always search for the most predictable, affordable solution for each problem. After careful evaluation for why a problem exists, we will offer several solutions to achieve remarkable results.

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